All Newkals abilities in Apex Legends

Newkasl is a protective legend, number 21 in the list. He is only a brother of the original legend, Bangalore. His play style and personality are completely opposite to his sister, and he is all about being a team player. Please note that these abilities were collected through leakage and can be considered as spoilers for those who want to wait for a complete announcement. Also note that these abilities and their names can be changed with the actual issue.

Passive: deliver the wounded

Newcasl can both move the defeated allies while he revives them and protect them with a shield.

perk: Strengthened

Like Gibraltar and Kaustik, Newcasl receives 15% less than incoming damage due to the size of his hitbox.

Tactics: Mobile Shield

Apex Legends - All Legends Abilities Explained (March 2022)
Manage a slowly moving indestructible energy wall with a drone that Newcastle can throw away.

ultimate: Castle wall

Newcasl can jump over and create a fortified citadel in the allied or target area. This citadel is divided into parts, each of which has its own set HP.

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