The best equipment and class M1916 in Call of Duty Warzone

M1916 rifle rifle was presented in the third season of Call of Duty: Warz1. It has high damage, good range and decent accuracy, and is also equipped with a fully automatic barrel, like SVT-40. Nevertheless, all Vanguard Marksman Rifles rifles remain untouched by most players because they are ineffective.

Nevertheless, if you want to try, here are the best m1916 nozzles and class recommendations for Warzone Pacific.

Best combat equipment zone m1916

Muzzle: mercury mercury
Store: ZP 762mm accuracy
Optical: SV-40 PU sight 3-6x
Reserve: ZP M502 Caste
Substract: m1941 Hand stop
Magazine: 6.5 mm Sakura 20 round stores
Ammunition: elongated
Back handle: leather handle
Perk 1: vital
Perk 2: in stock / fully loaded

This assembly M1916 is aimed at improving the range of weapons, the speed of the bullet, accuracy and aiming speed (ADS). The receiver and muzzle nozzles used here enhance all these characteristics. For greater accuracy, the under -barrel trunk and the M1941 butt are used. The ZP Custom butt also helps to increase the speed of ADS with the leather rear handle.

In addition, you can use fully automatic assembly for close combat for M1916, equipping Wyvern 532 mm, fully automatic barrel. Nevertheless, this device makes the weapon even less viable, because it uses sniper ammunition, and you can carry only 40 of them.

Best combat zone for setting up class m1916

Main weapon * – Nikita / Type 100 / XM4
additional weapons – M1916
deadly – throwing knife
Tactical * – Steam
perk 1 – Cold -blooded
perk 2 – Perekon
* perk 3 – combat scout

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