How to win in a limited time mode Flashpoint (LTM) in APEX Legends

The ignition point in APEX Legends is a limited mode (LTM), which is still a royal battle, but there are some significant differences. Firstly, there are no rounds. The rules of the circle “always close” are applied, meaning that the last circle in a certain Flashpoint zone is known from the very beginning, and the most powerful version of the ring slowly moves throughout the game.

Secondly, there are no first-aid kits, syringes, shield batteries or shield cells, and you can only be treated inside Flashpoint if you do not get damage. So how to win the match Flashpoint? The strategy for this regime can deviate from the standard Battle Royale match further than you think. The best strategies can be formed taking into account two ideas: how to play outside the flashpont and how to play inside it. Let’s take a look.

outside – give preference to alternative treatment

There are many ways to restore health and shields outside the ignition zones. You must familiarize yourself with the best options.

  • Lifeline’s Tactical (health, all)
  • Ultimate Wattson (shields, all)

  • Watson’s passive ability (shields, on yourself)
  • Passive effect of OKTYINA (health, for yourself)
  • Improving the replication shield (shields, cost of 50 materials for craft)
    • Does not work on red or gold shields
  • Replacement of the shield (shields, search for the shield on the ground or in the death box)
    • Make sure the shield is completely or at least more HP when you change

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inside – Protect the ignition zone at a distance

If your team is the only one at a certain point of ignition, and you have a powerful long -range weapon, you can find other teams that may try to get there before they get there. Have an advantage in battle, for example, your team is in the ignition zone, and another team cannot easily get there, which is extremely valuable.

Snipers are best suited for this, but a well -aimed shooter and other medium -distance games can also help. To do this in any Flashpoint Zone is effective, but it can be extremely useful and more stable, although it is more difficult if it is done in the Final Ring Flashpoint.

To learn more about Apex Legends, read the Flashpoint error, which does not allow the red Evo shields to receive passive regeneration using Wattson in APEX Legends in Pro game guides.

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