All skins and sets of Legend Sales Golden Week 2022 in Apex Legends

The sale “Golden Week” returns to APEX Legends. This time, three legendary skin in amazing gold, black and turquoise colors will debut in the game. There are also some returning cosmetic objects from previous events that can attract the attention of the player. Here are all the skins and sets of Legend for sale Golden Week 2022 for Apex Legends.

Golden week sale ALL skins ! × Apex Legends

Sale of Golden Week 2022

Each of the three new skins can be purchased separately from their kit for 1800 APEX coins. Returning skins for Valkyrie and the Sunny can only be obtained in appropriate sets.

Set “Demon inside” (3000 APEX coins)

  • Demon inside (legendary skin of a ghost)
  • 20 APEX sets (rarely)

Riding Storm (3000 APEX coins)

  • Rising Storm (LEGENDARY HORIZON Skin)
  • 20 APEX sets (rarely)

Sly Fox (3000 APEX coins)

  • Cunning fox (skin legendary rampart)
  • 20 APEX sets (rarely)

Bonus set OMASURI FURY (2500 APEX coins)

  • Omatsuri rage (legendary skin of the Valkyrie)
  • Cord Cutter (legendary Skin Flatline)
  • 2 sets “Valkyrie”

Bonus set “Best Friend” (1950 APEX coins)

  • Best Friend (skin of an epic tracker)
  • Cosmic Star Light (Skin Epic Havoc)
  • Cutenses overload (skin Epic Hemlok)
  • 2 sets of trackers

The sale of APEX Legends Golden Week 2022 takes place from April 26 to May 3.

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