PS plus: That happens to your subscription when the new service comes

The appointment for the new PS Plus – the fusion of the service with PS NOW – is finally clear. However, there are still some detailed questions that have to be clarified before the subscription service starts with us at the end of June.

One of them is the future of existing memberships. Do I have to complete a new subscription? Is my subscription term simply transferred? And how can I upgrade to PS Plus Extra or Premium? A round email from Sony now provides information about the procedure.

This is how the upgrade works to PS Plus Extra or Premium

In some Asian countries, the new subscription options start in less than a month. Anyone who has an existing membership at PS Plus in Asia will therefore already be informed about how things will continue with the service.

The basic one first: Your subscription at PS Plus remains for the entire term and is converted into the corresponding equivalent PS Plus essential, which offers you the same performance for the same price (via onemoregame).

But I want to high: If you want to use PS Plus Extra Plus Extra Plus Plus Premium in the future, you can “easily upgrade at any time”. To do this, you just have to pay the difference between PS plus essential and the animal of your choice – your existing subscription will therefore be counted 100 percent.

An overview with all options, you can find here:

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There are still questions open: Unfortunately, Sony’s communication with regard to the changeover is anything but comprehensive and clear. That is why there are still points that the publisher has to educate us. For example, the mail indicates that an upgrade will apply to the entire period of our PS Plus subscription. For example, if you have a two -year term, you pay the difference for this period. An upgrade for a month does not seem to exist.

And what about PS now? At PS NOW, we already know that membership in PS Plus Premium is upgraded. If you still have an ongoing subscription, you save 50 percent here. However, Sony gradually takes all cards from the trade and the service is no longer offered digitally. It is still unclear what happens if someone has running subscriptions at PS Plus and PS Now. Both memberships are probably merged and the savings advantage is eliminated.

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Which games are in the service?

Sony for PS Plus Premium promises a total of 740 titles, including around 400 games for PS4 and PS5 and around 340 games for older PlayStation systems. So far, we unfortunately know little about the lineup. Only a few blockbusters such as Returnal and God of War have already been confirmed. The big names will therefore be included in the service, but rarely for the launch.

The first PS1 classics have already been determined? A small leak could already tell us the first retro titles. The complete syphon filter series should be ready for streaming and downloading for a launch. In the coming days and weeks, we will surely go online.

What do you do with your subscription when the new PS Plus starts?

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