Magath after victory in the basement duel: That was not planned

“We have come to the game very well. In the first five minutes, I saw the small increase,” Magath played at “Sky” that after the 1-0 success in Augsburg, he was a week before a better performance for a victory also demanded against Stuttgart.

Success against VfB “a little happy”

General satisfaction was the 68-year-old but far away, because: “Why did we unpleasant the game after the 1-0? That was not so planned. You have a lot of playful skills, we have more or less only defended, Because we started to play back the ball, and so Stuttgart brought into the game, “said Magath.

And so he stalled the 2-0 success of his team even as “because of the game shares a little happy” – even if his team had “then fought” after the break “then again” and rewarded this “fight at the end”. Facilitates by the results of the weekend – and of course, especially of his own victory – Magath was in the end but then. “Through the defeat of Bielefeld we got a bit of air. But in Bielefeld we absolutely have to repeat the early minutes a little longer,” he closed with a small smile and overlooking the nearest basement duel on Saturday (15.30 clock, live! end).

Last Duel Battle Scene, Battle of Limoges (The Last Duel, 2021)

Clarification of the future question? “At some point after the season”

His personal future in the capital after the end of the season is not an issue for Magath. “At some point after the end of the season, when this project is finished, I will sit back and enjoy the days I experience now. Because I can not enjoy it now, the pressure is too big for that.” Whether to the then 502 Bundesliga games as coach 2022/23 more will be added, so it is not yet clarified.

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