Heuser shoots Stadtallendorf to the regional league

The Eintracht from Stadtallendorf continues to seek the Regionalliga. At his ascent ambitions, the current leaders also made no doubts in the duel with the SC Waldgirmes – the game ended with a clear 5: 0 victory. Physical and mentally strongly presented the harmonics against an opponent who could not build on the performance of the first leg. Although the guests could have done the lead after 20 minutes in a grand chance, but after that only the homeland played, which convinced above all in passage two. Man of the game at the Hommelf was Damijan Heuser, who brought his colors with a flat shot with 1: 0 in front (26th), then after restart 2: 0 for Sattorov
Applied (50.) to achieve the same 3-0 (56.). The steeply skillful Geisler worried the 4-0 (67.), rather again Heuser against a now strong opponent with his third day’s goal marked the 5: 0 final score (70th). The Eintracht has further all the trumps in the hand.

Meanwhile, the relegation rush two strengthened the SG Baroque city, which is known to be also in the regional league. 2: 0 ended the home game of Fuldaer against Hesse Dreieich, both goals fell in the strong initial phase of homeland: After a flank of Löbig, Reinhard headed the ball to the 1-0 in the net (15th), Wüst increased slightly later by lavors 2: 0 (19.). As a result, the lead was never really in danger, even though Dreieich, which is known to retire from the Hessigniga, was better.

Because on Sunday the FC Eddersheim at the SV Neuhof despite one-hour majority did not come over a 0: 0, the chances of SG Baroque city have continued to rise to the relegation. It was a competitive duel that ended as in the first leg without gates. Eddersheim, which is known to be a third team of the league for the regional league, could not use good chances and has already five points behind the SG – but also a game more in the hindquarters.

Fernwald and Erlensee win

Siege also existed for the FSV Fernwald and the FC Erlensee. Far forest won against a disappointing red-white Hadamar with 2: 1. The FSV initially had more games, aggressive and was simply the better team. In the second round, the red-whites at least indicate that they can play better soccer, were temporally in their actions and even went in the lead: the substitute chef closed an attack with the 0: 1 (73.). But long-distance forest answered quickly: Strack did not even penetrate three minutes later after a standard to 1: 1 (76.). And only a little later later, Fernwald’s Joker stabbed: a stiff ball of judges landed to the 2: 1 final score in the network (80th).

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The FC Erlensee had at the same time the better end against TuS Dietkirchen for himself – with a 2-0 in the luggage, the FCE drove home. Dietkirchen was initially better and with opportunityplus in the game, but had for the first time at a given penalty of the guests luck. Shortly before the break, the 1-0 fell through Wagner, who benefited from an error under construction (45. + 1). After the restart, Erlensee then earned the victory with a performance enhancement: Thus, Wagner made a humourless degree the overdue 2: 0 (67.), from Dietkirchen was offensively not much.

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