A few days ago, the Super Nes celebrated the 30 years of his launch in France. On this occasion, the writing of JV offers you to return to a few unknown titles of the console out at home and who are worth the detour.

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Released at the beginning of the console life, Axelay is a Shoot’Em’up developed by Konami who has been a solid reputation over the years by the beauty of his graphics. Alternating vertical and horizontal scrolling phases and using the famous console mode 7, the title manages to create an unprecedented impression of this kind of game, especially in 1992. With regard to the scenario on the other hand., we find ourselves in the face of a very classical science fiction narrative in which extraterrestrials have invaded the earth and reduces humanity in slavery, pushing our character, a skilful pilot of the army, to defend himself with a prototype of vessel Spatial: The Axelay. All the originality of the title is instead of the gameplay side since at the beginning of the level, three weapons can be equipped and the player can then switcher on the fly during the internship. A simple but effective playability that makes Axlay a Shoot’Em’up classic on SNES.

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Straight from the eponymous cartoon more known at us under the name of the motards of space, Biker Mice from Mars is a race game in isometric view that allows you to embody the heroes of the series, namely the three mouse brothers Throttle, Modo and Vinnie on their motorcycle. During each race, each player retrieves a new object as in Super Mario Kart every time he frank the finish line. Granada, Star, ticket bag… Each item has a limited number of uses. At each victory, you accumulate money that can be spent to improve your vehicle with the Charley Mechanics. Obviously, every shots are allowed, especially during multiplayer sessions that can accommodate up to two participants.


If Konami had accustomed us to kill evil creatures in Castlevania, Capcom takes the counterpied of this proposal by putting us in the skin of a monster with Demon’s Crest. Recurring enemy in the Ghosts’n Goblin series, Firebrand is a gargoyle, a kind of winged daemon, who goes on to research six elementary stones that have been stealored by Phalanx, one of his congeners. The adventure then takes the form of a platform-action platform in horizontal scrolling that one travels with pleasure thanks to the many capacities of our creature. Firebrand can spit flames, jump, cling to the walls, but also flying unlimited. Throughout your progress, transformations are unlocked, a bit like the mega man of the same developer. After defeating a boss, there is a new power that allows for example to swim underwater or take the attitude in full flight. A classic of the platform-action so passed a little unnoticed against other tenors of the genre.

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Eric Cantona Football Challenge

If Striker is a name that does not tell us anything, so maybe Eric Cantona Football Challenge will remind you more memories. Yet, it is indeed the same title. Also known in the United States under the name World Soccer 94: Road to Glory and World Soccer in Japan, this football game developed by Rage Software allowed to play with more than sixty national teams, all consisting of sixteen players. Rather rather, it should be known that the compositions correspond to the number of times of the time and that the game was then a revolution with its complete presentation of the ground.

GOOF Troop

In the 1990s, Disney and Capcom maintained a successful collaboration that gave rise to many classics on consoles 8 and 16-bit. Ducktables: The Strip in Picsou, Aladdin, Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers… These titles marked the childhood of many players. Yet among all these cult productions, there is one that has gone more unnoticed than others while it has just as many qualities: Goof Troop. In this adventure alongside Dingo and his son Max, our two heroes have to rescue Pat Hibula and his son who have been kidnapped by pirates during a sea trip. During 5 levels, it is necessary to alternate between the capabilities. Own capacities to each character to progress. More than a game of action, Goof Troop especially solicits neurons and the dexterity of players to get to the end of the adventure that ends quite quickly. A particularly effective title in cooperation with two that offers a colorful and good child rendering.

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Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse

As it is the mascot of one of the most famous companies in the world, Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse is one of the little-known games of the Super Nes. Yet with his truly impressive graphics for 1994, the title is a vibrant tribute to the career of Mickey Mouse, since the levels inspired by the different works in which the mouse appears. With particularly detailed animations, the gameplay is as effective since our character responds with great responsiveness. Beyond that, Mickey Mania presents itself as a classic platform set punctuated by some original sequences such as crossing a crypt on a carriage or leakage of the forest. Finally, music is not left out since it takes over the themes of most of Mickey’s cartoons with some freedoms.

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More known at us under the name Sparkster, Rocket Knight is the rest of Rocket Knight Adventures, a Mega Drive game in which one embodies an opossum knight. While Zebulos lands are threatened by Gedol’s diabolical empire, our Sparkster hero will resume service to protect his kingdom while the princess has been removed. The game is then decomposed into several levels infested by the henchmen of the Emperor whose knight can get rid of his sword but also his jet pack so characteristic that allows him to make a touched attack. Throughout the adventure, the player is brought to browse varied environments like a green forest, pyramids, a flying fortress, or a molten city on the back of a giant robot.

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Soul Blazer

Especially known to activate, Soul Blazer, or Soul Blader in Japan, is another role-playing game of the Quintet studio but this time over the top at Zelda 3. While King Magridd has awarded Deathtoll, the King of evil, to exchange the soul of every living being against a piece of gold, you embody a hero sent to free all the souls and defeat the master of evil. Armed with a sword, our character will have to repopulate this desert world composed of six regions linked together by sanctuaries. Through the progression, new weapons and magic spells are unlocked to gain efficiency. Multiple NPCs also provide directions to move forward as well as ancillary quests. Finally, Quintet is also at the origin of other interesting but little known role playing games such as Illusion of Time and Terranigma.

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The Firemen

The least we can say is that video games featuring firefighters are not legions. To make them justice, Human Entertainment has published in 1994 a little known title named The Firemen. With its top view, the title plunges us into the skin of Pete and Daniel, two firefighters who have to extinguish the fire in the company of chemicals Microtech on Christmas Eve. To mitigate the flames, our heroes have fire hose to pull water, as well as limited use fire extinguishers. It’s up to you to protect Daniel while the latter tries to save civilians. Finally, each level concludes with a boss of fire that can be defeated in a particular way. During the operation, you must monitor the life of your character and the allotted time in order to help everyone.

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

Behind the name of The Legend of the Mystical Ninja actually hides the first title of the Ganbare Ganbare Ganbare Gambare Games series that was entitled to an exit in the West. While the princess has been removed, all hopes are based on the two ninja guardians of the village, Kid Ying and Dr. Yang, better known as Goemon and Ebisumaru in Japan. Of course, each character has a gameplay that is clean, with a body-to-body weapon that wins in the range as we recover the cats left by the enemies once vanquished. They can also acquire judo techniques and improve them through items. Most levels are cut into two sections, the first to explore a city to harvest information and buy items, the second being rather the phases of platforms that are concluded by a boss fight. A simple and light adventure with a touch of humor in the heart of feudal Japan so.


Long before producing the Grand Theft Auto Series, Rockstar, then called DMA Design, had developed several games on 16-bit consoles. This is particularly the case of a certain unirally, or uniracers in its original name, which has particularly to be a 2D race game featuring… unicycles. To succeed in finishing first of each race, it is essential to make figures since the latter allow to gain speed. Moreover, an entire mode is dedicated to them and asks to make more points than his opponent through tricks to win. The title pushes players to make more and more original figures because they are penalized if they reproduce the same several times. Of course, a multiplayer mode is also the game to allow two participants to compete in split screen. But for those who prefer to play alone, the league mode proposes to build hens to create competitions.

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors

If LucasArts is better known to develop Cult Titles on PC, the studio has the same published some lounge consoles productions, including the Super Nes. Out of us under the name of zombies, zombies Ate My Neighbors in his original version is an action game in which we embody Zeke or Julia who must save a maximum of people by fighting different creatures like vampires, mummies or zombies over fifty levels. Several types of weapons are at your disposal, the pistol at the Bazooka, to overcome your opponents. To deal with these lifetime legions, you can also count on the help of a friend since a cooperative mode is also available to make the entire game with a second player. Through its various levels, the title multiplies the wings of eye at the cinema of horror thanks to its varied bestiary.

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