Seoane and the new old puzzle around Daby

It was offensively the two tired performances from Bayer this season. So little attacking quantity has not yet developed the eleven by Gerardo Seoane in the current season. At the 0: 0 in Bochum as well as at the 0: 1 defeat against Leipzig, the Werkself came to a total of five scoring chances. An extremely magnetic balance.

No Goals to achieve is a problem in football.

Gerardo Seoane

Gerardo Seoane Before the Party in Fürth, the situation on Friday briefly summarized: “No Goals can be a problem in football. Without doors you can not win.” And that needs Bayer in Fürth to secure place 4th. Why the center-back Edmond TapsOba suffering among knee problems can contribute well. “He still has light complaints, but I assume that he is there when the training runs normally,” explained the coach on Friday afternoon

In order for the Werkself in the offensive to gain breakthrough again, Seoane has apparently used all tools available to a coach. He tried, “on and in addition to the place to act that the players are courageous in the duels that you dare to conclude from the second row that you are more consistent with the paths in the penalty area.” The focus was on Seoanes but still not only on the tactical, but especially on the mental level. “The topic of the week was certainly that we need a higher determination and aggressiveness from the attitude,” explains the Swiss, who is equally in demand as a coach as a psychologist.

Single talks were just as announced as single video analyzes in which Seaone showed his professionals, “what the individual players makes strong and what we expect from them”. Moreover, it was also worked on the mental rail, “that it can be done if there is a blockade that one is still honored with certain situations that it is cleared to the side and you look confident on the next games.”

Especially the latter aspect will have been the focus at Seoanes strolling. But the two remaining key players in Leverkusens attack, Moussa Diaby and Patrik Schick, most recently frustrated. Why Captain Lukas Hradecky was critical to the Leipzig game where Bayer was a bit more defensive, “there is nothing to complain. If it is too little for someone, he has to find his ways differently. We have to be as fast as possible find our offensive game. “

Diaby threw in the two youngest games question marks

Especially Diaby threw question marks in the two youngest games. While you have been with chic, which graduated from his first two starting spaces after several weeks of injury, of course, that the Czech national storm would not reach his top level immediately, lacking in Diaby a complete explanation for the weak appearances.

At Leipzig, the French national player at least came to two degrees. Previously, in Bochum he acted more or less invisible, awarded a penalty as he pushed himself. But so inactive as in these two games, in which he only added to two dribblings per 90 minutes and of these four tries only 25 percent, ie one won, one has rarely experienced the 22-year-old. His entire dual-fighting rate in these two games was 11 percent in indiscutable.

Sport director Rolfes also sees the team in the duty to help diaby

Simon Rolfes takes protection to the winger. “These were two games in which we did not work much and have been more defensive. Moussa lives on the fact that he can finalize actions,” says the sports director, but also notes: “Of course Moussa can do it better – the team can do it better – the team which must use him. “

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Die Leistungskurve des Supersprinters geht schon länger nach unten. In the past six league games, he takes only the 2-1 win against Hertha BSC two scorer points. In diesen Partien kam er auf einen games-Notenschnitt von 4,25. Leverkusens aufgrund der Personalprobleme etwas defensivere Grundausrichtung könnte ein Grund für Diabys Tief sein.

Diaby zeigte zuletzt wieder ein bereits abgelegt geglaubtes Verhaltensmuster

Klar ist: Diaby muss in den verbleibenden Spielen, in denen Bayer Rang 4 und damit die Qualifikation für die Champions League verteidigen muss, wieder zu seiner Form finden. “Moussa ist für uns ein wichtiger Faktor”, betont Rolfes, “das wird er auch zeigen.” Dabei würde es hilfreich sein, wenn der Franzose ein bereits abgelegt geglaubtes Verhaltensmuster nicht weiter zeigen würde: Die Körpersprache Diabys war zuletzt wieder schlecht.

Seoane understands the frustration, explains in terms of his two striker stars: “Clearly one is not completely satisfied if you can not set the necessary accents on his position.”
However, he both attests the fundamental will to fulfill their less loved ones (defensive) tasks.
“Our offensive players know that there are games where you have fewer possibilities. That’s part of the job.” It was very well accepted against Leipzig. ”
Rolfes does not want to ignore Diaby’s negative signals outward.
“Whether he shakes his head, is not crucial,” he explains.
However, Rolfes hardly has another possibility.
An alternative to Diaby, Bayer and Seoane do not possess anymore due to the injured manure on the offensive wing positions to the end of the season anyway.

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