Jean, Goddess Fifth, Cumulative Sales

Atlas, the new work of Atlas, released on November 11 last year, ‘Jean, Goddess Former 5’ has revealed a total of 1 million cumulative sales volume (the total number of packages shipments in the world), and has revealed an audit illustrations.

Since 1992, the “Jean, Goddess” was the first work, and since 1992, the dark worldview and confusing scenarios and demons and gods were fought as a colleague. Based on the worldview of Jean and Goddess, the ‘Persona’ series and the ‘Devillon Sumner’ series were derived.


Memorial of the 100,000 sales breakthroughs, take the heart of a gratitude, and the first download (DL) edition (DL) edition is carried out on April 27 (Wednesday). In addition, not only DL editions, but also DL plates and “DLC Bundle” sets are also available. “Jean, Goddess Form 5″ The DL plate is 48,860 yuan, “Jean and Goddess entire 5” DL plate + DLC bundle set will proceed with about 30% discount to 69,720 won.

More details can be found through the taxual official website.

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