Gran Turismo 7: New Update fixes smaller errors in the game

One week after the last update of Gran Turismo 7 , the team of Polyphony Digital has already published the next patch for the racing simulation. Version 1.12 Fixes two smaller errors that are recently surfaced with some players. The update is now available for PS5 and PS4 . We have summarized the details for you.

What brings Patch 1.12 by Gran Turismo 7?

Among other things, the developers have taken care of a mistake, which made Invitations in the Brand Central have come out earlier than given. With these invitations, all racers can purchase special vehicles for a limited period. As a small compensation Polyphony Digital also distributes a number of invitations with which your cars from Aston Martin, Bugatti, Citroën, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and Porsche can buy. Just log in front of the 24. April in the game.

Another problem that now belongs to the past turned around the background music at the beginning and at the end of a race. Here it has happened in rare cases that the music was not played at all. Thanks to the update, players can now readily listen to the playlist of Gran Turismo 7 (now € 64.99). A Overview of the patch Notes can be found on the website of the racing simulation.

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Last update brought extensive changes

After the criticism of the amount of credits, which was distributed to the players for the conclusion of a race event, the team carried out some adjustments, with which one can now come to the value wool currency for the car purchase in several areas of the title. All details have already been presented to you in the message .

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Gran Turismo 7 - NEW 1.12 Update! Invitations Fixed! Bug Fixes and more! (GT7 New Update 1.12)
13.04.2022 at 17:19

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