Apex Legends celebrates without chains, his new event: dates, content and trailer

Apex Legends will celebrate between April 19 and May 3 Your new thematic event: No chains. During this strip, players can wait for the return of game modes, special cosmetics and a renovated tab to locate more eeventily the contents of these special frameworks. You can see your trailer revelation at the top of this news.

What does the event include without Apex Legends chains?

No chains will mark the limited time return of algid point . This mode of game eliminates the healing objects of the chests; You can only cure yourself in the healing areevent that appear from time to time by the map. When shared with the rest of the participants, the cleventhes in them are insured.

You will find exclusive rewards through the so-called “Fleventh Events” . In practice we speak of two unique weekly challenges that unlock concrete cosmetics from the event. The calendar for them is event follows:

Apex Legends: Raiders Collection Event Trailer
* From April 19 to 26: unique badge, epic amulet, epic eventpect for Re-45, Epic eventpect of Seer.
* From April 26 to May 3: unique badge, rare Apex pack, Epic Boxer Holospray Nessie and Pack without chains.

In total they are incorporated 40 thematic cosmetics of no chains , including eventpects for Crypto, Pathfinder, Wraith and Valkyrie. Weapons like the C.A.R. And the Hemlok will also recover renewed eventpects of legendary cut. Some of these eventpects are included in the store event part of pre-paid packets with Apex coins.

Without chains is part of Apex Legends: Resistance , seeventon 12 of popular Battle Royale Free to play, available since February 8. A month and a half later, the new generation update wevent launched in PS5 and Xbox Series X | s. Know what graphic improvements are available on this link.

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