Leak shows how Christian Bales looks evil in Thor 4

If everything runs according to plan, the new Marvel blockbuster Thor: Love and Thunder Am 8. July 2022 in the cinemas. While the first trailer with excerpts from the superhero film continues to wait, currently ensures a new leak for a lot of sensation. He shows, among other things, how the villain of the film will look.

Leak shows Gorr The Godbutcher

It has been known for some time that Gorr The Godbutcher will be the villain in Thor: Love and Thunder. This character has made revenge to hunt gods and destroy them. Already a few months ago, first pictures were surfaced, which showed the actor Christian Bale in the costume of Gorr. Meanwhile there is another view of the villain.

On several Twitter channels, there are recently pictures at the official action figure series from Thor: Love and Thunder to see. This not only shows the heroes such as Thor and Valkyrie , but also Gorr. It is quick to recognize that the film version of the villain is different in some details from the comic template . So Gorr has apparently no tentacles in the Marvel movie, but a nose. He also has a little brighter.

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When is Thor: Love And Thunder to the Cinema? [/ H2] The thoral thor-film’s thorap is for the 8. July 2022 planned. As in the previous canvas adventures, this time Chris Hemsworth slips into the role of Thundergott Thor. Also, characters like Jane Foster (Natalie Portmann), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Star Lord (Chris Pratt) celebrate their comeback. The director led – as already at Thor 3 \ – the New Zealand Taika Wititi. The predecessor Thor 3 on Blu-Ray we can highly recommend as a committee on the fourth part.

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