The GDR record shooter Joachim Streich is dead. He died three days after his 71th birthday.

Within not even three months, Germany mourns for another icon of the GDR football. After Hans-Jürgen “Dixie” Dörner, who died on 19 January at the age of 70, the 1st FC Magdeburg announced the death of the record hunter Joachim Streich, who died three days after his 71st birthday after a short, severe illness.

As the third division announced, the former world-class scorer will succeed on Saturday of an insidious cancer disease, which had been detected until relatively short time. Only in November was the former world-class striker to the Hall of Fame of the German Football Museum in Dortmund.

The “Gerd Müller des East” scored 55 goals in 102 international matches for the selection of the GDR and a total of 229 results for Magdeburg and Hansa Rostock in the Oberliga.

“We are stunned and mourn for our club legend Joachim Streich, who died today at the age of 71 years after a short, heavy illness. Achim, calm in peace!”, Twittered the FCM.

The FC Hansa wrote: “In his fellow human beings, Joachim’s prank was not only due to his outstanding footballing skills, but also because of his straightforwardness and sincerity. For his open and direct species, he will remain in memory forever – and his records for eternity always Part of the history books of German football. ” Rostock will put on Sunday against Jahn Regensburg before kick-off a silo up and head with funeral flor.

At the end of March, prank had made a disease of the bone marrow public, a planned stem cell transplant had to be canceled because of pneumonia.

Myelodysplastic syndrome – a disease of the bone marrow, which can pass in leukemia, had been diagnosed. The diagnosis he has been for a long time, confirmed prank recently the picture newspaper. But he attempts “to deal positively. Apart from the fact that I often feel smart, I succeed very well”.

First, string was renewed blood through transfusions in Magdeburg. A doctor advised him after an investigation in the Leipzig University Hospital to a stem cell transplant.

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Then, however, the setback: “Everything was prepared, I was already at station,” said prank: “But then a pneumonia came in between. I had to be released again. That was very bad days for me,” said strick last.

Streich was the man who was most dreaded the most due to his goalkeeper in the GDR Oberliga. Three times he became a cup winner, twice a footballer of the year and took the scorer crown four times.

With the GDR selection, prank also won Olympia Bronze 1972, the 1976 Olympic victory in Montreal did he missed due to a keyboard break.

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