Easter raffle: AR18 Aero Speed and Lexip B10 to win

From time to time it needs new hardware. How well that Easter is now and the Easter bunny has brought us a few chic stuff by Lexip.

If you are getting a lot of games, you also need the right hardware to defeat the last boss in Sekiro Shadows the Twice or to succeed at Guardian Raid in Lost Ark. And who knows, maybe for you the Easter bunny one or the other game for you. With us Master Lamp has already been. In the luggage, he had the new mouse Ar18 Aero Speed of Lexip (excellent with the CES Innovation Award 2022) and the associated LEXIP B10 mouse pad with customizable RGB lighting. Both you can now win with us as a package.

Wardancer - Easy Build for New Players - Guardian Raids!

Write and until 24 April 2022 at 23:59 clock an email with the subject “Ostermaus” at [email protected] and tell us in which color you will shine the mousepad. With a little luck, our lucky fairy attracts you as winners.

The AR18 Aero Speed has been specially developed for the requirements of Gamern and can be set up to 4,800 dpi. To do this, the mouse has 4 ceramic sliding feet for particularly low resistance. The a good 150 g of heavy mouse can also be used wired and wirelessly. For optimal use of the mouse, the B10 Mouse Pad is suitable for LEXIP. It offers a microstructured smooth surface in the dimensions 80 cm x 30 cm at a height of 4 mm. For the optical trick, a customizable lighting, which can be changed on request at the push of a button. There is also an additional USB port for other devices.

Lucky wishes the team of mouse! _

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