The showcase of Big Saints Row is scheduled for next week

And we were there, thinking that it was time to see more of the new Saints Row! The next title of sandbox will show its so-called deepened personalization system next week, April 20. This showcase will be put online on YouTube and Twitch.

The often absurd customization of the characters has always been a must of the Holy Row series, and the restart of this year will not change anything. You will be able to give the boss the appearance you want, and if we get a complete showcase for that, then we are ready to bet it will be incredibly detailed.

Saints Row Is Having A Customisation Showcase.... Here's My Thoughts

It should also be noted that the new Saints Row has been the subject of many criticisms with regard to the design of its main characters. Young people at the trendy look of his trailer did not suit many fans, although the Volition developer quickly clarified that the full creation of characters would still be part of the game.

Saints Row should always go out in a few months on August 23rd. Will you be listening to this revelation? Find some characters concepts in the comments section below.

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