Pokemon Go: Shiny-Reinfall bei Community Day Classic

The Pokémon Go Community Day is turning to combine Niantic’s playscapes of the AR Game and hunting. On the other hand, it’s about celebrating the Pokémon of the Community Day. This is no different at the Community Day Classic. On April 10, 2022, the Community Day Classic with Hydropi took place between 14:00 and 17:00. Many fans were happy because they wanted to snatch good Sumpex or collect Shinys. However, Shiny Hydropi has barely looked like reports of many players after the event.

Hoe ging 3 uur Pokemon GO Community Day Classic? - Pokemon GO Nederland

Forgot to boost the Shiny-Spawn?

If you have participated in the past community Days, then you know that the Shiny chance is always increased at this event. Sometimes it only needs ten or twelve attempts, the first iridescent is before the Pokéball. Who plays a lot on the community day, usually goes home with five to ten shinys, or even more. That’s not how it was this time.

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The question is now, of course, whether the intention was or if someone might have forgotten to press the Shiny button. The fans ask, especially in the apron to the community day with Velursi, which takes place in April 2022 and not only a brand new Pokémon brings into the game, but also a brand new Shiny.

Are that the effects of smoke and CD changes?

Some a Pokémon Go player says to be able to make the suspect; It could be a combination of the smoke and community day changes. As a reminder: Smoke has not been upgraded in effectiveness since the beginning of March 2022 , if you rest. And the duration of the community day events itself was reduced from six hours back to three hours.

While the first change for the “normal” and Niantic designed playing style should not make a difference – after all, smoke is there to attract more Pokémon if you move – the length of the playing time will probably already affect the one or the other coach.

Nevertheless, the question remains: There was a bug? An official reaction of niantic is not there. And if there is a bug, are the people of Niantic aware of this? Finally, on April 23, 2022 of the Community Day with Velursi and Kayroso. And the players may have already the chance to have shinys.

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