“Apex Legends” L-A small technique to reset the Over Heat time of Star. However, the question mark also

In “ Apex Legends “, L-star’s small technique was discovered and posted to overseas bulletin board REDDIT. Currently, it is L-star that is not so powerful, but is there a possibility that it will bloom by a small technique?

L-star is the Light Machine Gun (LMG) that appeared from Season 2 in “Apex Legends”. Similar to Mastiff, it is a weapon that appears in “TITAN FALL 2” of RESPAWN Entertainment. Although it appeared as a care package weapon, at the beginning, although the ammunition had a major feature of unlimited (60 out of loading and reloading), it was not a very powerful weapon. The reason is that the movement of the elastic speed and the visibility due to the light bullet, and the LMG, and the movement at the time of look at the time of peeking will be delayed and weakened to the shooting together. The amount of damage is also modest as a care package weapon. When changing to a typical weapon, the ammunition became an energy amazer, and although there was a change such as an unlimited loading, it was still not strong.

However, in the season 10, numerous strengthens will be evolved into a powerful weapon that many players use. Specifically, visibility has improved, and magazines and barrel stabilizers can be mounted, and the ease of use increased significantly. However, the season 11 was subjected to weakening of damage reduction and reaction increase. At present, the player who wants to use the energy weapon is an impression that is fitted in the third and third positions, such as the turbocharger and the jacket for finding Hubok and Dvations.

A player who explores such a L-star utilization method discovers a glitch that can also be known as a small technique of this weapon and posts it to overseas bulletin board reddit. If you use this small technique, it may be a useful scene that will not be much stronger, but it may be useful if you remember.

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The content of the small technique opens the inventory while shooting until just before the overheat, and removes the magazine. This is because heat is reset, so it can continue to shoot again to overheat. An inventory is opened and the attachment is removed, and it is required to be a slightly complicated operation, and after removing it is an overheat time without magazine. In the first place, heat is released and heat is released and the time to overheat is recovered during the first place. Based on these, it can be said that practicality is slightly lower in the current environment.

Even in the thread posted by this video, the reaction was scattered that the way to shoot with a small pause, which is more likely to look for other strong weapons. However, some of the horizon’s recoil erase glitch examples, and this small technique also points out the risk that can also be a powerful glitch. Some changes in operation and future environmental changes may also be very advantageous to eliminate overheat times.

The boundaries of glitches and techniques are vague. For example, glitches that continue to communicate specific weapons by sandwiching the “Weapon” action, but the tap straif is removed as a technique after a certain adjustment is applied.. Some of the glyctics that eliminate the rigid spark time after the imaginary space of the race in the game pad, and it has been left as a small technique for some players, and there is also an example of being deleted by the update. As a similar example, it has been corrected in the season that sets the retardle color to a negative value using the startup option that was fashioned between professional players.

This L-star glitch seems to be less effective, so it may not be corrected soon. However, it is not possible to deny the possibility of transforming into a violent glitch in combination with some factors in the future. It is likely that the development team trend needs to be watched if this glitch is subject to correction.

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