This aloy cosplay from Horizon Zero Dawn is beguiling

It is no longer a rarity that the one or the other coplayer chooses a costume than Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn. The latest work of the cladding artist “Kalinkafox” is still worth a closer look, which has several reasons. We introduce it to you.

Budging Aloy Cosplay

The cosplayer is apparent to a great worshiper of Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn . She has decided to produce a suitable costume and has invested in this work numerous working hours . The result can definitely be seen. So she has not only thought of the right wig to imitate the hairstyle of Aloy as exactly as possible. Furthermore, she was also given a lot of effort in the preparation of the individual garments as well as the accessories. Added to this is a thematically well selected background for the photo shoot **.

Incidentally, the cladding artist “Kalinkafox” is not a blank sheet in the Cosplay scene . Among other things, she has made a name for himself with costumes as Caitlyn from the Netflix series Arcane and when Mary Jane from the Spider Man Universe.

Aloy and many other gaming cosplays

Horizon Zero Dawn - Aloy [Cosplay]

Especially in the recent past, there were increasingly aloy cosplay. But the community also snaps many other well-known gaming marks as templates for the costumes. These ranges from Ciri from The Witcher 3, via Ranni from Elden Ring to Tiny Tina from the Borderlands series. Almost daily diving impressive gaming cosplays in the width of the internet.

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