The revelation of Call of Duty 2022 can be imminent, makes fun of insider

It seems that the revelation of the next Call of Duty is imminent. There have been rumors about the next Call of Duty for quite some time. It only makes sense that Infinity Ward follows the absurd success of the duty: modern war with a direct sequel, but almost nothing is known about the game. There are rumors of a new mode along with traditional offers called DMZ, it is expected to have open world elements and offer a new experience of Call of Duty, but everything else is very well saved. However, we should receive official information very soon.

Insider RalphsValvula launched a countdown for April 30, 2022 with a contemporary record. It is not clear what is the countdown actually, since Ralphsvalve continued to say that the real revelation of the game will take place in May. This could be a kind of trailer or even an _zona of warhead that leads to official revelation, but in any case, it seems that something is coming. Of course, nothing has been confirmed directly, so fanatics should take this with caution, but we are approaching the potential moment for a new revelation of Call of Duty.

The TRUTH About Modern Warfare 2022...

Usually, Call of Duty is revealed around April or May. _ Duty: Modern war_ was revealed at the end of May 2019, so it would not be surprising if you reserve an adequate look at the game until then, especially because it would take things like Summer Game Fest. Usually, there is a breakthrough along with the previews of the media, then, shortly after, a suitable look at the game is shown, all of which leads to a beta version before the final launch. Of course, the last two years have shaken things. In 2020 and 2021, both games were revealed in August, but they also had developmental problems. It is possible that the problems of development have caused the revelations to be delayed, but it is not clear.

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