Well-known streamer says: Gamer should play Fortnite instead of Call of Duty

When it comes to the theme of the Battle-Royale shooter, tracks immediately like Fortnite, Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Warzone , who has now attracted numerous players for years. Loud Twitch Streamer NickMerc’s should be Warzone but can no longer keep up with the competition of Epic Games and ResPawn. He made that clear in one of his transfers.

NickMercs rises from Warzone

After in Apex Legends the Tenth Season has gone to the start, the streamer has announced a break for the warzone for the time being. In his opinion, the Battle-Royale shooter in rubble. However, there was great praise for the other two titles. So Apex Legends are currently “immaculate” when it comes to fresh content. The same applies to Fortnite , which is according to NickMerc’s “on Fire”.

Although Warzone has brought a brand new map with caldera towards the end of last year, but the Streamer does not seem to find a favor at the title. _ “If you’re just playing warzone… get you under control!” It said Nickmerc’s last over the shooter of Raven Software. In the clip below you can listen to the statement.

Typical Gamer PLAYS New FORTNITE Update then WARZONE!

How is it with Warzone?

Almost two weeks ago, the developers of Call of Duty: Warzone provided the Mid-Season Update from Season 2 Reloaded. In our former article we have dealt with the changes. In addition, rumors have been circulating for some time a direct successor of Warzone , which may already appear together with Modern Warfare 2 in autumn of the current year.

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