Resident Evil Village originally had sirens

Little is missing for the first anniversary of _ Resident Evil Village _, and although Capcom is still working on your DLC, it seems that there are still a couple of secrets related to this game. For example, in the area of Salvatore Moreau, Ethan Winters was going to be persecuted originally by sirens but the developers of him decided to cut this and several other elements of last moment.

Resident Evil Village OST Soundtrack - Remember

According to information about DUSK GOLEM , a notorious insider that filtered a lot of information about Village prior to its launch, the sirens would pursue to Ethan during the area of Moreau , stunning the player in the process. We would also see more enemies in that area, but due to budget and time issues, Capcom cut a large part of it.

However, moreau does pursue the player in certain sections, so some of these ideas cut at the end of the day did end to be implemented in one way or another. However, it is clear that the vision of Capcom was much more ambitious than we were presented with the final product, and who knows, maybe your DLC can supplement the experience in a substantiable way.

Editor’s note: The truth is that yes, at the end of the day, Resident Evil Village felt like a somewhat limited product and I did I thought that the final result was going to be much bigger. I was not disappointed, but it did have the potential to expand in some of the most limited areas.

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