Awards for the 6th season NBA 2K22

2K Sports presented Content for the upcoming season 6: Zero Gravity NBA 2K22, including seasonal awards for MyTeam and MyCareer. It is expected that Season 6: Zero Gravity will be released on April 8 and will include galactic equipment, new MYTEAM cards and new events in MyCareer.

My career awards

The 40-level reward in MyCareer for the 6th season is rabbit costume . Players can equip a complete rabbit costume when the maximum level has achieved in the coming season. Achievement of the 30th level will reward you Lightning bike BMX which corresponds to some objects of clothing that you can unlock during the season.

The Courtside Report report for the 6th season also reported a hockey mask in a galactic style, a baseball helmet and a suit as awards in MyCareer. As in previous seasons, players can unlock XP coins, cosmetics, MYTEAM kits and emotions at MyCareer progress levels in the 6th season.


My team awards

Achievement of the 40th level in MyTeam will reward you Dark Matter 99 OVR Card Josh Hydi , which can play both in PG and in SG. Having collected 4000 cards, you will receive Invincible Dark Matter 99 OVR Dirk Novitski , most likely one of the best cards in the game. Together with the Dirk, you will also get a set of 80 cards with each HOF icon. Both single and multi-user playing modes in MyTeam also have awards that can be unlocked.

  • Unlimited – Bob Nonbito
  • Clutch Time 100 WINS – James Uta
  • Rotation of clutch time wheel – Albert King
  • Ascension – Jerry Sloan
  • Triple threat storage – Richard Dumas
  • Triple threat online – Bradley Bil
  • My team: Draft – **** Mac Calvin
  • Awards for tokens – Mutombo dikembebe

The sixth season is one of the last NBA 2K22 seasons before the attention, most likely switches to the NBA 2K23 next year. When the 6th season comes out, you can check out the stores and an animation store in MyCareer to find exclusive new items and animations.

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