Lifetime Life Swim RPG “Kimis Town Sand Lock” to Revive the City of Desert Early Access Start date decided!

Developer PATHEA Games announced that the new Lifsim RPG “ My Time At Sandrock ( Kimi Tacho Sand Lock )” will start from May 26 locally time May 26.

In this work, as in the series past work “Kimin Portier”, the end of the end of the end after 300 years after the disaster has been destroyed by the disaster. The player will revive the city while making a machine construction and exchanges with residents, as a new builder in the stormy desert city.

# Construction of the workshop

Prepare production facilities by developing a rough work area. Complex Machine using complex machines, produce parts of huge structures and assemble one by one, and develop sand lock. Create hundreds of unique items at work desks. Decorate at home, give a present to Sandrock residents, meet your requests.

Explore the open world

Explore the vast desert surrounding the city of Sandrock. Let’s dive in the ruins and find out the old world artifacts, and try to find materials until you can not reach. You can also spend relaxing leisurely with neighbors and sand lock.

NPC Rich Story Development

Experience the stories where you have more than 30 new characters and more than 30 new characters. Let’s get along with Sandrock residents and take a relationship with time while making a secret story or making a connection.

New battle

Switch the shooting of proximity combat and the Third Appronts quickly and unfold a dynamic action battle. You can think of tactics and raise the status with weapons and defense improvements, and to advance the battle advantageously!

Skill up

Level of builders using experience values and unlock skills! It will be a master craft, and it is good to strengthen the battle. Try to emphasize exchanges with everyone, and skills corresponding to all play tiles are available.


  • The profit obtained at the workshop, and it will change the large grassland to farmland;

  • Create crops and earn money and make delicious dishes;

  • Participate in the festival with Sandrock residents;

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  • Other, let’s find a lot of secrets!

“My Time at Sandrock” that new US Builder who has not played “Kimi’s town Portier” can also be searched at your own pace is 24.9 dollars at the Steam / Epic Games store.

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