Laser spent me Headset This bullet

“The laser has made my life…”

On April 1, a gamer in the overseas community site ‘Reddit’ is becoming a hot topic that thanks to the laser headset. According to the original text, last week was Wednesday morning, where the bulleted bullet was on the window and hit the headset ‘Laser Kraken’, which was worn. Writer said, “If the headset is not good, I would have been dead at 18 years old.”

Razer headset stops bullet from killing 18 year old gamer! - BBB Gaming News
Alternatively, there was a response to suspicion of the authenticity of the event because the date was written was achieved. The writer did not joke about his life, and the bullet was a photo, a bullet, a bullet, and a single bullet, and a single bullet, and a photographer who fell on the bed. Currently by local police, bullets were recovered.

Laser CEO ‘Min Liang’ is “really crazy, I am glad to be” I am really crazy. ” The laser plans to send a new headset to the writer.

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