How to unlock the secret boss in Kirby and The Forgotten Land (Chaos El Filis)

The fact that you have unlocked a handful of Waddle dees and defeated Fecto El Filis does not mean that you have finished with everything Kirby and The Forgotten Land has to offer. Actually there is a Kirby and the secret boss of Forgotten Land that should unlock by completing a series of tasks. We have described how to do this below.

Unlock Chaos El Filis in Kirby and The Forgotten Land

To unlock the secret boss, you must first overcome the main story by defeating ferto elilis, then head to the isolated islands in Waddle Dee Village.

Go to the top of the tower and talk to the character here. They will open a star that you can then use to access the world 7: Isolated islands.

Now you need to collect 250 Leo Souls to unlock the battle on the islands isolated against Leongar. It overcomes this bosses fight and then defeat Morpho Knight to unlock Ultimate Cup Z at the Waddle Dee Village Colosseum.

With this unlocked, go to the Colosseum and start the Ultimate Cup Z. Then you can face the secret boss, called Chaos El Filis, at the end of the Cup.

Chaos El Filis is an improved version of Chief Fecto El Filis. We recommend bringing the Morpho Knight sword obtained from the final stage of isolated islands: Forgo Dreams where you overcome Morpho Knight.

Once you have left Chaos Elilis below half of him, he will be transformed into his final form loaded with chaos, where he will have great sweep attacks that can cause massive damage with dark energy.

The best advice to beat the secret boss is to continue dodging, vacuuming the stars that fall from the attacks of Chaos El Filis and spit them to the boss every time you have the opportunity.

It is a battle of patience, so still dodge and take your time to eliminate that health bar.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land - The Ultimate Cup Z (Secret Boss Chaos Elfilis)

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