“Apex Legends” The new defect such as Watson and Roaba is fixed in the latest Apde. For rank match split 2

RESPAWN Entertainment delivered updates to “Apex Legends” on April 5. This update seems to have a bug such as Watson, and some major bugs, such as bugs that are unusable at storm points, and defects in Lovers and Levnant’s ultimate.

“Apex Legends” causes a significant failure to storm points, with updates associated with Warriors Collection events delivered from March 30. Pathfinder’s zip line, amplification barricade and seala (installation) of the ramper (installation), Watson’s electric fence and interceptor pylon have become essentially unavailable (related articles). As a bug that has been confirmed, from the opening of the season 12, the lobby and levnant’s Ultimate abilities can not be blocked by the door without being able to block the door. For both legends, it became weakened weakness of developers (related articles).

However, their major bugs seem to have been fixed in this update. Although the official patch note has not been announced, it was confirmed that these defects have been corrected within the scope of the author. In addition, Apex Tracker of the TRELLO by the development team has several items that can confirm the label “COMING IN FUTURE PATCH (future correction)” as well as the defect of the above-mentioned Road. There seems to be a time difference to reflect the correction trello, and among these, it is likely that there is also a possibility that a defect has already existed as a lobian ultimet.

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Also, in “Apex Legends”, where various defects have been modified in this update, the split 2 of the rank match is started from the six days. The ranks of each player are pulled down and the map switches to the King Scanion. The rank match at King Scanion will be the first participation in additional legends such as Ash and Mad Magi. In addition, it will be required to be a different strategy for Watson and weakened coasticks in the season 12 and the seasons 12. It may be good to use Roba and Levnant, which returned to block the door with Ultimate Ability.

“Apex Legends” is currently holding a Warriors Collection event. On April 13, it has been a limited time until it is limited, and resurrection of event items and revival of control mode have been implemented.

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