Game Association, Foreign Exchange Game Services Policy Data Disclosure

[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] Korea Games Industry Association (Association Kang Shin-cheol) released the “Results of Global Policy Environmental Survey” for 5 days.

This report is a result of investigating overseas game services related policies through cooperation between association-member companies in the past two years. It was made to help the game provider’s global market.

By region ▲ EU ▲ Taiwan ▲ USA ▲ Vietnam ▲ Brazil ▲ Singapore ▲ India ▲ Japan ▲ China ▲ Thailand ▲ in Australia and 11 countries in Australia ▲, and a total of 11 countries, A total of 76 items that require confirmation were investigated and written based on local laws.

In particular, the survey is expected that the current global service is being presented or prepared to provide a checklist that must be a checklist that must be confirmed when providing overseas services as a part of a collaboration.

In addition, the report was based on the legislation of the country, such as autonomous regulations, such as self-regulation, and had a description of the business with examples, and to help business understanding.

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However, this report is not legal as a self-investigation data written for public purposes, and the association side explained that the investigation was different depending on the revision of the law and the current law.

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