“Apex Legends” Topic to die too much during the Cheetah. The lowest of an unauthorized prisoner

In “Apex Legends”, a video that recorded too much cheat users was posted on overseas bulletin boards Reddit. The clip seems to be a pain that makes you feel good for the players who were accumulating the cheetah from the day.

The presence of cheat users in the PC version “Apex Legends” is a problem that has been shaded in this work. In last year, various counterparties have been taken from the game side, such as the Cater Report Window RIN MATSUOKA for Japan, and the game side have been taken from the game side, and has achieved a certain result. However, it is still the present condition of the cheat user.

Under such circumstances, for the players who accumulate the cheetah, a bit of a little bit of minded a little bit is posted to the overseas bulletin board Reddit. A cheetah using Bangalore has a state in which a cheetah using Bangalore is drowning to its own measures, and a state where the end of the outline is attracted.

First of all, what point is the player of the present video? The Bangalore player who became a problem has beaten the tremendous results of 25 kills and about 5000 damage at the start of the video. However, this is a story that is not yet a player who has top class power. Techniques on character control are also firmly used, such as using a tap stroke when using jump pads. However, it is strange from here. Bangalore who encountered multiple enemies and cooked smoking. From the smoke as it is, it continues to attack unilaterally with a lid at a lumbar shock with no digital thread. In addition, looking at the other person is likely to be hit regardless of the aim. It seems to be using tracking cheat.

Spectating A Serial Cheater Vs An Apex Predator Lobby - Who Will Win?
By combining smoked and tracking bullets, it would have intention to make the use of cheats to be difficult to make it difficult to use the other person. However, this game seems to have not been on the fact of the cheetah. A cheetah who has been damaged from the other party returns out of thinking, runs away in the smoke to recover the shield. However, there was no ground to the end of the visibility. The cheetah will die.

In the death of the cheetah who drowned in its own measures, the clip poster who was watching was a big laugh. In addition, the player who had combat this cheetah was also accepted that it gave “rewarding” to the Cheetah’s Deathbox. Although it was smoked and miserable, it would have been round to be a cheetah. By the way, the comment attached to this post is that “Hideouts can give sanctions”. For bad people, it was a sacrifice that was sick and irresistible causality as a movie.

Inside the thread, there were many users who flew toy that “I would like to fly with the sky.” This video seems to have been afraid of the prey to the player’s cheetah. However, on the other hand, there were many posts to be raised again against the presence of a cheetah who spend money over the pleasure of ordinary players. Some users look back on the cheetah at “Call of Duty” in all over 10 years, and for FPS players, the grudge to the cheetah seems to be a very dark problem.

The problem of cheat users who spread to “Apex Legends”. In particular, this cheetah was a negative death, while acquiring techniques on character controls called tap straifs. Therefore, despite the player who played this work to some extent, it seems to have been dyed with the cheat. If the player of the paradron works is a relatively large number of players who use cheats, it will be seen relatively large, but it seems that there will be a case that uses the cheat even with a player who is skilled in one way. In any case, in this work, more powerful cheat measures are desired.

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