DFB calls Heike Ullrich to the new Secretary-General

On April 1, Ullrich is now permanently appointed DFB Secretary-General. The appeal took place on proposal of the new association President Bernd Neuendorf. This had already announced before his election in January to put on Ullrich – and underlined his appreciation again on Thursday. “I appreciate them for their expertise, their empathy and their commitment. It makes excellent work, is highly standing in the employees of the DFB staff and has proven in recent months that the management of central administration is in good hands”, will Neuendorf quoted in a message. Collaboration with Ullrich, he looks “great optimism and great anticipation”.

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Ullrich is the first woman who executes the office in the DFB. Already in May 2021 she had risen from the Deputy Secretary-General, but the office had only commissioned after cooperation with its predecessor Friedrich Curtius had ended.

The sports economist came to DFB in 1996, was initially entrusted in the DFB department of playing with the focus theme women’s and girl football. In 2018, she took over the management of the management of associations, clubs and leagues, which, among other things, is responsible for the game of the competitions of the association, ie for the DFB Cup, the 3rd League, the Women’s Bundesliga and the amateur and youth playing classes.

As a Secretary-General, Ullrich is now part of the DFB Bureau. “We move in challenging and very dynamic times, at the same time, in the coming months and years, outstanding football events are attracting great opportunities for football and DFB,” emphasizes them before their official office on April 1st. “Taking the challenges as well as the use of the chances can only happen in the team and together. So I also understand my role: as a team player and in the narrow interaction between honorary and electoral office as well as all full-time employees in the DFB and its subsidiaries the sets To achieve goals. “

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