Lineage W catches, Dunpa Mobile Google Sales 1st place

Dungeon and Fighter Mobile (Dunpa Mobile) worked. Only 8 days of launching Lineage W is achieved 1st place in Google Play sales. It is the first time in July last year in Lineage Series.

Dunpa Mobile, released on the 25th, was released in the third place in two days, and on the 29th, he held Lineage M and hit Lineage W and Front. And on April 1, I was able to go to the first place of Google’s sales.

Lineage W Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS) - Part 1

Gunpa Mobile’s Google sales ranking is ranked first in the first place, adding new messages. Compared to the Competition, the BM structure that relieved the burden of billing is a permission genre that has been relatively ruined in sales competition, and has been a 100% manual battle that excluded automatic play that has become a natural one in Mobile.

Nevertheless, Dunpa Mobile grabbed both Lineage Brothers and climbed to the first place, and it proved to be a different strategy to a different strategy that can be removed in the market.

Dunpa Mobile is a new 2D action game featuring the ‘Action Pleasure’ in the slogan. Arad continent, Arad, draws a new journey of adventurers on stage.

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