Really nervous FC Bayern must tremble around Lewandowski

In the summer of 2023, the Treaty of Robert Lewandowski ends with FC Bayern, a little later, the pole celebrates its 35th birthday. The very big bet on the future is the scorer no longer, the wrong odds, the Lewandowski has been constantly converting to the lawn for years, nevertheless make it indispensable. For the Munich a precarious situation.

At FC Bayern, in view of the upcoming negotiations with Robert Lewandowski, an “mood change” should have taken place. This reports “picture” football chef Christian Falk in the podcast “Bayern Insider” with reference to “Information from the club”.

“You thought at first: ‘We already extend with Lewandowski’, the Bayern bosses are now really nervous,” says Falk. Lewandowski’s advisor Pini Zahavi has a large proportion. The 78-year-old, who does not care for the best relations with Munich anyway, “Right gas” and call “almost daily at the FC Barcelona to offer Lewy”.

Also at PSG Zahavi Lewandowski is to be offered regularly to increase the pressure on Bayern. From the point of view of the German record champion “a very dangerous game”, so Falk, because you have to react slowly, “otherwise she plays Pini again”.

FC Bayern has written off BVB-Star Haaland

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A reference to the David Alaba also represented by Zahavi, which Bavaria has left in the summer of 2021 after eternal negotiations in the direction of Real Madrid. The Austrian and his father have Zahavi in the negotiations “cleverly gifted poison in the ear,” reveals the podcast.

Zahavis tactics should pursue a clear goal. The superstar of the advisor scene hopes an exceptionally endowed offer from Barcelona or Paris to confront the Bavaria with this. “If Barca now offers 30 million euros, then of course it ticks in Robert’s head, then he wants to see that with Bavaria,” says Falk.

Thus, this would be more difficult that FC Bayern had to finally see that an obligation of Erling Haaland from BVB can not be financially imposed. The Norwegian alone would bless the budget approved by the Supervisory Board, it says.

Without an alternative in the hindquarters, the negotiating position at Lewandowski is of course no good. FC Bayern is therefore “in a dangerous situation”.

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