Metal Gear prepares to celebrate its 35th anniversary and opening web: What surprises does Konami keep?

Being a fan of Metal Gear , in full 2022, is risk sport. Since Hideo Kojima left the saga with MGSV in 2015, one of the most successful licenses in history has ceased to exist. Metal Gear Survive came out, but let’s not say it can be considered as remarkable. The discrepancies of the creative with konami have made the adventures of Snake and company are dead. Although the publisher is not forgotten to the ephemeris and this year is the 35th anniversary of the first game published in MSX.

So with those, and suddenly, Konami has launched a special website to celebrate the 35 years of Metal Gear. At the moment, the page shows no particular content, beyond the iconic interrogation, which has already become, along with its sound, in a cult object of our society.

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So now you have to wait to know what surprises they have prepared from Konami , who have previously surprised with their celebrations of others of their most powerful sagas: as with a Silent Hill Skateboard. So, Metal Fans Gear, stay for anything. Even new Pachinkos or NFTs, with which they have flirted lately.

Maybe we can dream of the return of Metal Gear, but at the moment we have trouble making ourselves, especially after the rupture of Konami and Kojima. Though, eye Because Hideo Kojima has been publishing photos today dismantling the study by Kojima Productions after 5 years, and without giving tracks if it is a transfer to another place, or is that he really has new plans.

Chance? Probably. It seems complicated that Konami and Kojima come back after a relationship that ended badly, with an incomplete game. But more surprising things we have seen. Of course, this that we tell you is more oriented to the mood than to a speculation would be . Of course, the two things have happened on the same day, it seems magic of destiny. If we put ourselves like this, just today the creators of abandoned, project with which it has relates to Kojima, have erased all the data of the project.

The last delivery of the saga is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, published in 2015 . We go for 7 years without a new delivery of one of the most beloved and revolutionary Stealth Licenses. For the part of him, the last work of Hideo Kojima is Death Stranding and, at the moment, it is unknown in what he is working.

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