Kirby and The Forgotten Land: How to eat 4 donuts on a trip to the mall level

Kirby and The Forgotten Land so far seems to be the 3D jump that franchise fans wished it out. Although maps are very linear, there is plenty of space to hide collectable objects from players. Here is all you need to know about How to eat four donuts in Trip to Alivel Mall in Kirby and The Forgotten Land .

How to eat 4 donuts on a trip to the mall level at Kirby and The Forgotten Land

There are only four donuts to find and eat at the level entitled a trip to the airplane level. But they are relatively small elements that can be overlooked easily while playing on a large screen, much less in portable mode. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to reach each one once you know how to find them.


To find the first donut, advance through the shopping center along the main road until reaching a mechanical staircase with some coins and Awoofy enemies. At the top of the escalator, there will be a table with four chairs hidden in view by three boxes (see image above). The first donut is sitting at this table.

Two donut

After the first donut, continue on the level until you reach a point where you will find a hallway with a mobile walkway and multiple food posters. This area is right after picking up an invincible candy. Walk down the hall until you see the entrance to the hamburger on the right side (see below). Enter this area.

From here, you will find more enemies and basic platforms. Continue these obstacles continue until you reach an area with four mobile walkways arranged in a square with a square of barbed in the middle. If you observe carefully, you can notice a bright spot in the lower right corner.

How to Eat 4 Doughnuts Locations in A Trip to Alivel Mall | Kirby and The Forgotten Land

Just walk to that place and the donut will appear on the catwalk. Recognize to claim the second donut.

Donut three

On the way to the third donut, you will eventually reach another hallway with food posters. This time, go to the back until you get to the cake sign on the left side. Enter this store.

Continue through the pastry until you find a scenario with three treasure chests. You are almost in the third donut at this point. To the left of the stage, you will find an awoofy sleeping on a table with a bright spot.

Skip on the table so that the third donut appears.

Collect the third donut from the table down and to the left from where the table is with the bright spot.

Donut furnace

You’re almost there! It simply continues to move through the shopping center until you reach the end of the level. Do not worry, the final donut is near. Do not finish the level yet. To the right of the scenario end cage, there is a staircase that will take you to the final donut.

There is not much to worry about at the top of the stairs. There is only one Bernard up there, but he gave a lot of fight. Walk to the left and you will find the final donut on a table. Recognize and ready.

That’s all you have to know about How to eat four donuts in Trip to Alivel Mall in Kirby and The Forgotten Land . Make sure you search for final donut to get more advice and information about the game.

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