“Fort Knight” No architecture mode “zero build” introduced. Purely a mode in which the handling of weapons and items is purely tested

Epic Games introduced “zero build” mode without architecture in “Fort Night” on March 29th. Accessible from the discovery page, a playlist of Solo Duo Trio Squad is provided.

“Fort Night” Chapter 3 Season 2 At the start of “Resistance”, architectural elements that can create walls and stairs were eliminated and a topic. Introduction of “zero build” mode is a place that makes gameplay without its architecture independent as the game mode. The battle path XP can also be obtained, and the quest is shared between zero build and traditional battle royal.

In zero builds, instead of unable to defend the defense action using architecture, the player has an overshield that automatically recovers. Damage will decrease from the overshield. Also, new actions such as climbing and dashes, such as dashes can also be used to use.

“Anville rocket launcher” appeared as a new weapon. If it is a portable weapon for versus versus, the rocket will automatically track if you look on the scope and launch the target. Normal and rare treasure chests, Seven treasure chests, supplies, and IO treasure chests, also available from sharks.

This time, it is also clear that “MK Seven Assault Rifle” and “Combat Assault Rifle” will be placed in the island, up to 5:59 pm on April 2 of Japan’s time from 5:00 pm It was made. The MK Seven Assault Rifle has a red dot scope that can handle long distances, and the combat assault rifle is a low diffusion and powerful convucted submercing gun assault rifle.

As a trial period, both weapons are provided as a trial period, and then donating an ingot to the donation board will be able to vote for the assault rifle you like. And the weapon where the donation amount reaches 100% will enter the bandwind pool.

“Fort Night” is distributed for PC / Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.

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