Sony announces the fusion of PlayStation Plus and NOW in the same service, which will be launched in June

_ S _ Ony You have announced the new Subscription System for PlayStation , which will unify PS Plus and PS Now in the same service. Although they have not yet confirmed an exact day, we know that it will arrive in June and will have three new levels depending on their content: PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra and Playstation Plus Premium.

The most basic will be PlayStation Plus Essential , which will cost € 8.99 per month, € 24.99 to the quarter or € 59.99 per year and will be exactly the same as the PS Plus we have right now. It will have all the basic content that already had: downloadable games every month, online multiplayer, cloud storage and exclusive discounts. Its price, in fact, also remains the same as it was.

Extra PlayStation Plus is the intermediate level, with a price of € 13.99 per month, € 39.99 per quarter or € 99.99 per year, € 40 more than at the previous level. In addition to what the essential service already had, here comes the approach with PlayStation Now, because they already talk that it includes a catalog of up to 400 «of the best titles for PS4 and PS5, including great successes from our PlayStation catalog and developers External Associates ». Here you also take advantage to clarify that all games can be downloaded (no cloud game), and nuance that these games will change over time.

New PlayStation Plus is CRAZY!!! 700 GAMES including PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS4, and PS5 all on there!

The highest level is PlayStation Plus Premium , which will cost € 16.99 per month € 49.99 per year or € 119.99 per year, twice the base subscription. It has all that the previous subscriptions have, but at this level a catalog of up to 340 games divided into two groups is added: some will be those of PS3, which can only be played through the cloud, while the other will make it up Titles of the first PlayStation, PS2 and PSP, which in addition to playing in streaming can also be downloaded. In addition, the premium level will give access to limited time play tests, “so that players can try certain games before buying them.”

They also nuance that PSX Games Game Game, PS2, PSP and PS4 will be available for the extra and premium levels “in the markets in which PlayStation Now is currently available», among which is also Spain. Users, explain, also “can transmit games from PS4 and PS5 or PC consoles.”

In the statement they mention that from the launch of the service they want the current catalog (which include the extra subscription and the premium) have titles as Death Stranding , GOD OF WAR , Marvel’s Spider- Man , Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales , Mortal Kombat 11 and RURNAL .

With its release, PlayStation Now will be integrated into the new PlayStation Plus and will no longer be available as a separate service.

The subscriptions of the current NOW users will become PlayStation Plus Premium without any additional cost, with a renewal date that will match the one they had before. Those who had only now, on the other hand, will migrate their membership to the new essential, exactly with the same advantages, while members of both services “migrate to a single service that will correspond to the PLAYSTATION PLUS PREMIUM», so It seems that there are no differences regarding those who only have PS now.

In some statements collected by Gamesindustry, Jim Ryan has shared some additional impressions about the service, where he has referred to launch playstation games day 1, as in Game Pass with Microsoft Games, where he explains that “that is not a I walk that we have taken in the past, nor is it a path that we go to follow with this new service »:” We feel that if we did that with the games we do in PlayStation Studios, that virtuous circle would break. The level of investment we need to do in our studies would not be possible, and we believe that the effect on the quality of the games we do would not be something that the players would like ».

He also wanted to talk about games as a service at present (after revealing his plans to launch 10 of them from here to 2026), which “are proving to be very successful these days” and “are subscription services in themselves». “This phenomenon of games as a service has promoted, to a large extent, the enormous growth of the game industry in the last ten years. I think that trend will continue, and if you are looking for a model in our entertainment category that supports the commitment for a long period of time, games as a service possibly fit better than a subscription service ».

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