BVB before difficult reus

349 mandatory games, 153 goals (second-time in the history of BVB), 108 assists: The balance of Marco Reus in the jersey of Borussia Dortmund is exceptional. By the summer of 2023, the 32-year-old still has time to continue working on his legend status – then his contract ends. Under certain circumstances, however, a further renewal should be possible.

A first “summit” between the adviser of Marco Reus and BVB Manager Sebastian Kehl, who in the summer the succession of Michael Zorc as a Reuss director of the Borussen is already d1. This reports “Reus1” in the podcast “The Dortmund week”.

Kehl wanted to “listen everything” first, so Patrick Berger of “Reus1”. To get more than a lot of snap, it should not have acted for the time being. However, it is expected that the talks will soon be more intense.

That the Dortmund is already looking for the conversation, Berger evaluates as a sign of appreciation, which one wants to oppose the captain. “It’s also the question of how early an association in such talks is on his players.”

Berger and his reporter colleague Oliver Müller Pruss Mug in “The Dortmund Week” that reus can imagine that the football shoes are not hanging on the nail before the summer 2025. However, if he wants to continue his career in Dortmund, the offensive star will therefore make compromises.

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BVB in negotiations under pressure

With a year salary of twelve million euros, Reus is currently top earners of Borussen. A status that Reus can not be rather maintained at an extension at BVB. “It will be exciting in which direction the whole thing is going to go: will there be a performance-related contract in the future?”, As Berger and Müller.

However, Müller does not expect that Reus will make it easy for BVB. Unlike many stars who had left the black yellow, Reus “always committed to BVB. This will put the club in conversations under pressure”.

Berger also looks Reus in a strong position: “Why should I go down from the salary? I am captain, sell you most jerseys, am at all sponsoring appointments. He has also fully delivered in the last year,” says the justification.

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