Release decision for Rogue Like ADV “Cursed to Golf” to escape golf purgatory and play to legendary players! 【UPDATE】

We Played Cursed to Golf! A 2D Roguelike Golfing Adventure! - PREVIEW (Switch, PC)
Publisher Thunderful and Developer CHUHAI LABS announces Logelike Golf ADV “ CURSED TO GOLF ” for PC / Nintendose switches, announces to release Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE, and trailer published.

This work has escaped “Golf Purgatory” and golf legend that has not been made in this world. Each area of ​​Golf Purgatory is protected by the ghost of Legendary Caddy giving rescue and playback on the player’s cursed golf trip.

This work with a rogue lamp in a golf game is a system that is returned to the beginning of the course if you can not go one hole within a specified percount, a super wind fans, spikes, TNT bombs, teleporters, etc. gimmicks It is available abundantly. It is also a feature that you can play a cursed golf with more than 20 trump cards such as scatter shots, U-turn, rocketball and marigan. It is also attractive with mini-games, daily challenges, online leaderboard elements and golf theme, and retro soundtracks are also attractive.

“Cursed to Golf” is scheduled to start delivery in 2022 PC (STeam) / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch.

※ Update (2022/3/17 19:40): At the time of article release, it was “announcement” of the title, but it was correctly “Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One Release Decision”. Corrected and re-opened. Readers, we apologize to each relationship.

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