GENSHIN IMPACT Farm Guide Kamisato Ayato

Genshin Impact has an impressive list of characters from each element. Kamisato Ayato – the owner of the five-star Hydro sword, which is also brother Ayaki. If you want to use it, you will need to do agriculture to prepare all its materials.

Ayato climb cost

AYATO REVEALED! HOW TO PREPARE! ???? Genshin Impact Ayato Skills, Builds, Ascension Materials & More
Here is the total cost of raising the level of Ayato to 90. Here are the precious stones and boss items that you need:

How to Get Sakura Flowers

You can find Sakura flowers all over the island of wrill. The closer you come to the Great Temple of Disriory, the more you can find. Keep in mind that you need to use electricity or Branch of Thunder Sakura make them tangible.

how to get combat mitches

You can get combat mittens in battles Nobusi, which are located almost on every island of Inadzuma. These enemies have a low chance of loss, so they will probably require the greatest attention when you will be farming ayato. If you can’t get the necessary items from Nobushi, look at the Pymon shop where combat mitches are sold.

Where to find Hyrdo Hypostasis

Hydroopostas is located on the island of Vatatsumi in a large cave. The boss is quite easy to fight, and, like most of the purely natural enemies, it is not weak. * The element he controls. This boss drops away from two to three * dew renunciation on time.

Cost of talent Ayato

Here is the total cost of full pumping of all three talents of Ayato:

How to get elegance scrolls, puppet joint and insight crown

You can get elegance scrolls Violet Court domain on Cannazuka Island in Inazuma. This scroll is available on Tuesday , Friday as well Sunday . Doll joint can be obtained in the weekly Ruben Sögun Fight. Crown of insight can be obtained through Limited time Events and Sakura Tree .

To learn more about Genshin Impact, check out the section “How to solve a puzzle with the monument anemo to the south of Plains Guille in Liue” in GENSHIN IMPACT in the game manuals!

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