All skins for weapons are repainted in a wave of 4 in the briefing of weapons for Apex Legends.

Weapon repainting store in Apex Legends recently received an update in which players can purchase a new set of options. This time players will receive color options for the legendary skins Wingman, Devotion, ProWler and Sentinel. All overlap of weapon skins in the wave of 4 store briefs of weapons for Apex Legends.

wave 4 store repainting weapons

The fourth wave of the weapon repainting store is now available in Apex Legends, and, as in the first three, each repainting is worth 15,000 hetons Legend or 1800 Apex coins . Players will need a certain legendary skin for each weapon to buy it in the weapon repainting store.

If the players have no legendary skins for a certain weapon, you can buy them in the store repainting weapons per 1250 Coin Apex or 1200 units of craft metal To get them on the Equipment tab. Players will find all the legendary weapons needed to buy in the repainting of weapons 4 waves below.

Red rocket (skin legendary)

Required skin: ruthless wing

The Fast Track (Skin Legendary Devotion)

Required skin: Nitro Custom

Total Eclipse (Skin Legendary ProWler)

Required skin: Cosmonaut

Dressed for death (Legendary Skin Guard)

Required skin: Golden spine

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The fourth wave of the briefing of the weapon is held from March 19 to March 22.

Discounts on the skins for weapons “Fragment of the nucleus”

There is also one brand new skin briefing on the entire price of the store repainting a weapon. This is a legendary skin for R-99, bought for 1800 Apex coins. It can also be purchased complied with 30 Apex sets for 3950 Apex coins. Both options are available from March 8 to March 22.
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