Quantic Dream: There are 3 games in internal development, we take stock

At the heart of many rumors and a major project that Star Wars Eclipse, the Parisian Quantic Dream studio decided to speak through a press release, made available online. It is indicated that the company co-founded by David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière generated a net result of 5.8 million euros, a record profit for the third year in a row. This beautiful performance, it is due above all to Detroit Become Human who sold 6.5 million copies in the world, cumulating both PS4 and PC sales. It is by far the biggest success of the studio, knowing that the PC version has elapsed 1 million copies just for the year 2021. A success that gave wings to the company, become its own Publisher since 2019, and which benefits from the support of the Chinese netease. The statement also specifies that Quantic Dream serenely continues the development of its 3 games, which corroborates the recent rumors that explained that the studio was going out 2 other games before Star Wars Eclipse. There would be a mobile game, no doubt realized with the impetus of Netease, but also an AAA that would take the demo of the Dark Sorcer, the usual technical of Quantic Dream for a beautiful Lucette.

What Has Happened To Quantic Dream?

With so many projects, Quantic Dream continues to grow, with an increase in more than 50% in 2021, knowing that recruitment is done so well on the Paris office as well-based in Montreal recently. Sophie Buhl, production director at Quantic Dream, also explains that more and more, teams are led by women. What to stand in opposition with all the accusations that the studio has been the subject in recent years, most of which have been dismissed in court.

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