Xbox Game pass-highlight with 86er metascore is the perfect Zelda

2022 is so far the year of the big blockbusters. But we must not forget how much fun we so often have with the “small”, not usually known highlights. With Tunic one of them has been released for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S yesterday and landed the release directly in the Xbox Game Pass. Initial tests praise the action-adventure to the skies and call it a must for Zelda and Souls fans. Here you learn what awaits you in the game with the little fox in the lead role.

  • Metacritic: 86, currently at 42 Reviews
  • OpenCritic: 85, currently at 54 Reviews

Tunic clears powerful in international tests. 35 of 42 Magazine the action adventure rate with a score from 80 points.

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The strengths and weaknesses of Tunic

For more context, we want to perform you have the pros and cons according to international review. Below you learn also still what awaits you right in the Xbox highlight and see in the trailer, how the game looks.

This is positive:

  • Unique, elegant look
  • Extremely challenging battles from the Iso View
  • Tricky puzzle
  • Experiment and discover important
  • Nostalgic and modern at once
  • 15 to 20 hours Duration

Ryan McCaffrey writes in his review for following:

Tunic is a fantastic Zelda-like game for Elden ring generation. to solve its consistently clever designed campaign and to cope with the demanding battles by studying the in-game books, has given me a satisfaction that I will long remember.

This is a matter of taste:

Many important mechanisms of Tunic be explained not obvious. Rather, it takes little cryptic notes that you decrypt and must implement. Without this form of initiative you will have a difficult time mastering the demanding fights and tricky situations. This type of game design is equal to the Souls games not for everyone.

Few outlets also complain that Tunic operated only on models like Zelda or Dark Souls.

The awaits you in Tunic

That’s the point: Tunic (formerly known as Secret Legend known) an action adventure in the style of 2D Zelda games. From the isometric view you control a small fox through a colorful fantasy world. Here fought her opponent in quite demanding battles, solving unique puzzles, find new items to reach new areas and buys you with collected money for new weapons.

Although Tunic purely looks very cute from the optics, is the challenge degree ago not a game for beginners.

Will you look at you Tunic accurately, or do you currently have enough fresh games on the hard drive?

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