What to do with high illumination blocks in the tunic

There are many secrets in the tunic. The game leaves most of it to detect the player and for you to understand how you play. There are in-game guides that give tips and describe in detail what to do. But you may have come across gray blocks with three lights and wondered what to do with them.

When you find high blocks with lights in the tunic, you need hold the A button within a few seconds . This will cause fox to pray, and the block is activated . Then he lights up and falls to the ground, the pita attached rail and staining it in purple color.

What are high blocks with backlit in Tunic?

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These high illumination blocks are used for the strength of various things throughout the tunic. This includes nutritional powers, opening doors and much more. Whenever you encounter one of these blocks, you must activate it, and then follow the rail with an electric drive or see what he did.

The inclusion of these blocks is necessary to complete the game. The guide page in the game describes in detail how to do it, but it is easy to miss sight. Enjoy the study and disclosure of secrets!

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