GTA 5: Comparative between PS5, PS4 and PS3 versions, different notables?

It’s two days that GTA V came out on the so-called Next Gen ‘consoles and with this readjusted version are set of technical novelties. We are not going to reite the specificities of each mode offered story to scratch sign, but rather take a look at the comparisons that have been on the web for a few days. As a result, we decided to lay our sights on the Technical Comparo of the Spanish Chain “ElanalisticaDebits”, which has specialized in the exercise for many years and whose work is now recognized worldwide. It is therefore a question of establishing the different between the different versions of GTA 5 outings in recent years, the title of Rockstar Games experienced three generations of consoles. So we will remember the state of the game on PS3, but also PS4, knowing that for the game on PS5, loyalty, performance and rt performance modes are also detailed.

GTA 5 PS5 Comparison - PS5 / PC / PS4 / PS3

Obviously, one of the first tests carried out is other than the loads of loads, and if he needed leads so that we can launch the adventure on PS3 and PS4, on the new Sony console, it is the day and the night. On PS5, it takes 33 seconds for GTA V to be playable, while on the previous machines, it is necessary to wait 2’30 min about. An eternity in real life. On the resolution side, with the 4K display, we gain sharpness with a greater display distance and a cleaner global rendering. Everything is clearer and defined, like shadows that undergo less the effects of aliasing and aliasing. Frame-rate side, the PS5 version finally allows the game to turn in 60 frames per second, which truly changes the game. The visual effects like ground refits have gained in intensity, the lighting has become dynamic and more natural, the vegetation has deteriorated, in short, everything is better on PS5. But beware, we remember that these are just technical and visual readjustments and not a remill, even less than a remake.

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