Smash Legend, Large Renewal with Self Service Start

Krafton’s Independent Studio 5 Mint said that real-time PVP action game ‘Smash Legend’ has conducted a large-scale renewal update for the establishment of a user friendly system.

‘Smash Legend’ is a real-time PVP action game that 5 dollabs are developed on their own. Featuring a short play time, a cool striking, easy operation within 3 minutes, a global 5.5 million downloads were recorded. Provides a total of 25 attractive characters with a total of 25 attractive characters with a total of 25 kinds of attractive characters (occupation, battle royal, duel), and a multi-platform title to support cross-play on mobile and PC (steam).

The update is the first update that the 5 dollars start its own publishing, making it a key to establishing a user-friendly system through the game system reorganization. In addition, we added Legend (character) growth system and season experientation Legend, and we predicted the addition of competition.

The largest reorganization in the game system is to be able to select the legend acquisition method, which was a random drawing format, to be selected by goods in the game. Now you can easily use the Legend you want to use.

In addition to adding growth systems such as legendal proficiency, talent, and experience, we expand the reward that is paid to the user who has been steadily played and provide fun of growth. In addition, we have added 4 seasons experience Legends that all users can use for free, to provide a variety of Legend experience, to provide a variety of Legend experiences. The season experiences Legend is available for 8 weeks after acquisition, and the strengthening figures are maintained even if the end of the season is terminated. It will be added to the season, and the competition that requires its target consciousness and concentration will be added to April 12th.

[Smash Legends] The Grand Renewal - Promotion Video

In addition to the Sales Pass Chapter 1 “shock! Steel Drink Jessetta!” It is possible to start with a 25th new Legend Zepeta using a 25th new Legend Zepeta using a variety of tools. Popular Character Peter, Cindy, Kaiser Sports Three kinds of skins and new occupation maps also released.

5 Mun-jun-hyung’s representative “was prepared for a renewal update to create a game that can be enjoyed for a longer time,” and “In addition to the reorganization of the game system, I plan to continue to work for operation. “

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