2021 Game Bill Pro Baseball Superstas, Global Update

Com2us Holdings (representative law) announced on the 16th that ‘2021 Games Bill Professional Baseball Superstas (2021 Gampuya).

This update provides an opportunity to easily recruit legendary trainers, the main axis of the game. Immigration from the 29th of the month “Rage”, a dual attribute, a dual attribute, the finishing pitcher trainer, “Raji”, and the finishing trainer ‘Rachel’ can be achieved with a high probability. It is expected that the utilization of the high legendary trainers can be easily recruited and the powerful pitchers and the needs are established and the power is expected to rise.

Spring events are unfolded. In this month, in the 29th of the month, ‘Sufficient New Year’s support event’ can earn a rich compensation such as ‘Premium Recruitment 10 + 1 coupon’ and ‘Legend Trainer Gene’. Superstar Trainer ‘Lucy’ is a new superpass that can be settled and the new relay pitchers, and the contests that can be involved in fostering the strongest relay pitchers will proceed to 23 days this month.

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‘Gampya’ is a casual bilateral-based baseball game that is developed by Com2us Holdings, and is popular through user-friendly updates and games performance, and various events. Especially, it is in advance to update the season until this month’s 22nd opening ahead of the 2022 season. Detailed updates and pre-reservation contents can be found through the official café.

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