Developer responses to the scream of the “Apex Legends” crevers hit killed. Promise in the future adjustment

Currently, “ Apex Legends ” is being held at the season 12 “Defiism”. On SNS, users are postpoked the contents of doubts every day for events during this play. Under such circumstances, the influencer, which is on March 11, can be said to be a scream for a crevice that is a powerful weapon in this work. Receiving this tweet, Josh Medina, a senior producer of Respawn Entertainment, has a response that suggests crevers.

In Battle Royal Mode in “Apex Legends”, a replenishment material called a care package is randomly called on the map. There are several weapons available only from this care package, which have more powerful performance than regular weapons. Among them, Sniper Rifle, called a crever, is the only weapon that allows you to kill the other party’s physical strength and armor with a head shot. A fitness and armor value is high compared to other FPS works, and a single-shot killer crever is a surprising existence in this work with a long time (TTK). In the final game of high rank band, a good look (peak) is directly connected to the team’s defeat.

In response to the tweets that can be said to be a scream to the crever, Josh Medina, a senior producer, who has been posted to the crevices, responses. He promised to adjust that the crever does not have an unpleasant weapon. On the other hand, he indicates that the weapon deletion and damage decrease do not occur, and the specific adjustment plan seems not to have not been decided yet. The following reply was looking for an idea of ​​adjustment to the user.

Various possibilities can be considered for the adjustment of the crever. With regard to too powerful performance, IMPERIALHAL, which is an active professional player in the past, has been taken up as a problem, and has proposed deletion from the competition scene. Depending on the adjustment, the crever that was a care package weapon since the release may also be a typical weapon. In any case, the regulation of the crever is the stage of recruiting ideas from the user, and it seems that the update will actually be d1. As ever, I would like to be aware of the gunshot of the crever.

“Apex Legends” is currently being held 12 “Defiism”.

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