Guild Wars 2: Siebage Turtle Alternatively

Who wanted to get the new Mount siege turtle of Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons, so far, had to successfully complete the large Meta event of the Dragon-End area to come to the necessary turtle. But that causes self-organized groups still problems – even great coordinated squads had to be frustrated, after 90 minutes of hard work. That’s why the developers now bring an alternative to the game to get to the important egg.

New Way To get Siege Turtle, Meta Changes, & More - Guild Wars 2 News

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EI for siege turtle via dealers unlock

From the 15th of March 2022 you can buy the egg for the siege turtle via a new dealer NPC in the Dragon End area. This will then get it in exchange against 200 “writings on dragon-end”. Such items are available for each of the four areas of End of Dragons by doing events and heart quests there. Accordingly, players will also be able to unlock the collection for the turtle over time investment, not only by mastering a difficult meta-event. (Via Arenanet) Whoever fails continuously, will nevertheless come to the destination sometime. So lift your writings on the dragon end if you want to unlock the collection!

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Meta event is made more accessible

While the developers emphasize that player squads will become more successful when it comes to the large meta event, they still file dragon-end. For example, the Final Boss activates its tail only half as often as possible. Accordingly, players have greater time windows to make damage and interact with the other mechanics of boss fight.

The hardworking heads at Arenanet continue to have an eye on how the meta event plays, especially by the above adaptation of a boss mechanism that had so far taken care of many problems. The developers also refer to the fact that popular meta events such as triple trouble, tequatl and resistance of the dragon initially required fine tuning and learning the playfulness of the players.

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