Fuel price shock: So motorists can save

Late in the morning, a gas station on a Nuremberg failure road. Incredious, the older lady looks at the prize board. “I thought at first, I would have read me,” she says and then reduces the tap in the fuel panties of her VW Golf.

No, do not read: 2.19 euros for the liter of super E10, 2.25 euros for super, 2.36 for diesel. Apart from the fact that the exorbitant is expensive, it also marks a wrong world. After all, the diesel price is always under that of gasoline. Why that is different now, the ADAC explains with the currently high heating oil demand, which resulted from “supply fears and concerns of consumers for even higher oil prices in the coming autumn”. In addition to heating oil, the relative diesel fuel has become more expensive.

Crude oil market in turmoil

Gas Prices Continue To Climb Shocking Americans

We know the reason for the general increase in fuel prices: the Russian raid on Ukraine has “let the developments in the crude oil market in turmoil” as the ADAC formulates. The consequences are mainly those who rely on their car – professional commuters, for example, living in the countryside and can not avoid a sealed network of public transport as in the big cities.

The state should renounce

And so the votes to call the state to become active. The Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans tried at a campaign-effective mobile video, in which he exaggerated the high fuel prices as “mischievous”, Lutz Linden – Secretary-General of the Automobile Club of Germany (AVD) – designated it as “Outdoors that the German state revenue – winner during this crisis in Europe “. Verbally slightly moderately appealed to the ADAC to the Federal Government, “to check a temporary reduction in VAT on fuels”.

Half are taxes

In fact, around half of the fuel price to be paid at the gas station migrates to the pockets of the German Treasury. VAT, energy tax (former mineral oil tax), CO2 levy, petroleum stock contribution – all this causes, for example, at the diesel only almost 35 percent of the price on the actual fuel.

Broken down: This is how the diesel price is composed. Statista

Tips for Fuel Saving

But what can motorists do? As for example, how, for example, Greenpeace or the German environmental assistance demand now finally prescribe a speed limit, exclude car-free Sundays and / or anchor the home office duty firmly seems to be a little purposeful – because whoever may be, in view of the fuel price shock; Try to deal with a more conscious by car. A few tips help to reduce consumption and fuel costs at least something:

Avoid trips: For those who rely on their car, easier said than d1. A trough is also it. And yet there are situations where the car can just stop and help the bike, your own feet or public transport. Above all, short-distance trips, which are known to be particularly consumption intensive. If it does not go without a car, it serves the efficiency to connect multiple goals in such a way that the total distance fails as short as possible.

Adjust driving style: A predictive driving style can help to significantly reduce the consumption. On the one hand, this means to take the foot from the accelerator at an early stage before a red traffic light or a tempolimite and to roll out the car. In this case, the gear should not be removed and uncoupled only late possible, the push shutdown of the car is optimally exploited. When approaching and accelerating, it is more meaningful to proceed quickly and then quickly switch to the highest possible gear. “This minimizes the duration in which the engine operates under high load,” explain the specialists of the AVD. It is not wrong is to switch to the fifth gear at Tempo 50. Many cars have a switching point display that serves as a guidance.

Turn off the engine: Modern vehicles are now equipped with a start-stop automatic, which sends the engine – for example – when waiting at a red traffic light into the break and automatically reactivates it when driving. If such a system is not on board, the engine should be completely clearly switched off with the help of the ignition key with the longer wait time.

Minimize weight, optimize aerodynamics: The more mass the engine has to move, the more fuel consumes. Therefore, everything should be out of the car, which is not or no longer needed: snow chains and reserve canisters as well as empty beverage slopes. You can also think of replacing the heavy spare wheel through a tire repair set – and / or take the on-board tool from the vehicle, because in the age of the mobile phone you will be a breakal service in case of breakdown.

Roofing worsen the aerodynamics and increase the fuel consumption like unnecessary kilos. The after the winter obsolete roof box should therefore be degraded as well as a unused bicycle carrier.

Increase tire pressure: An effective measure to save at least one up to two tenthiter fuel per 100 kilometers of fuel is to increase the tire pressure to the maximum predetermined value. This reduces the footprint of the tire and the rolling resistance decreases. If old ones have to be replaced by new tires, it makes sense to switch to energy-saving tire.

Electrical consumers Moderate: A permanently running disk heater is also reflected in the fuel consumption as a maximum cooling capacity air conditioning. Include the air condition with in the consumption statement – but that must be done with eye measure. “Toward Towards can lead to damage to the technique,” warn the AVD experts. At least in between, the air conditioner should always be switched on again and again for some time.

Making carpools: Together together, not only reduces the verification calculation for the individual, but also the traffic and thus counteracts congestion. Career apps help with the organization. Corona risks can be reduced by tests and mask duty in the car.

Preparing planned: The ADAC has found that money can be saved by choosing the right tank time. The most favorable usually comes in the evening between 18 and 19 o’clock and later between 20 and 22 o’clock of it, the most expensive will be visited at the gas station early in the morning at 7 o’clock. On long-distance trips, one should not necessarily consult the rest area, but take the little detour to a car trolley. Fuel price apps support the price comparison.

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