Overwatch 2: Blizzard suitary planning planning and, beta

Overwatch enjoys Although still very popular, but in communication has gehapert tremendously in the last. This can be seen clearly even at Blizzard so, because in a new video message to Game Director Aaron Keller has apologized to the fans for the long silence. At the same time you want to do better in the future and the fans again supplied regularly with information and updates. Keller also has the same a few important announcements in the luggage: Overwatch 2 will be released ahead of schedule. This, however, developers must discard their original plan and divide the game. The planned PvE content – including the new cooperative story missions – will now appear at a later date. All PvP game modes are for published earlier. So Blizzard wants to ensure the release for PvP fans that unnecessarily attracts more protracted. Simultaneously with the video message also the closed alpha phase of Overwatch 2, may participate in the Blizzard employees and selected partners, including professionals from the Overwatch League starts. Ironically, however, not because it is located with new information from the Closed Alpha, still under NDA. For this you have but maybe soon even the chance to try Overwatch 2, because the Beta also is imminent.

Overwatch 2: First beta already soon

In late April, the first of several beta tests for Overwatch 2 will take place. The beta will initially only be playable on PC and focus exclusively on the PvP. Blizzard beta is limited to selected regions that are exactly, but was not told. In the PC Beta 1 a number of new content will be playable, including:

  • New damage heroine: Sojourn
  • New game mode: Push

  • Multiplayer format: 5v5

* Heroes revisions
* 4 new maps

PvP beta starts end of April and will provide, inter alia, the following content. Source: easy Visit the official site playoverwatch.com, there you can you register for the first beta: Blizzard So you can participate in the beta. Should you not be allowed to hope not give up: Blizzard will send even later further invitations and steadily increase the number of players.

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Source: Blizzard

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